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Jai K Bio Agritake was established in 2 April 2015 and is the brain child of Mr. J.K. PAHAT is belong to a farmer family and having 15 years experience with direct marketing sector. the visionary under whose dynamic leadership the Firm carved a niche for itself. From a humble beginning by a handful of committed people Jai K Bio Agritake . has grown into a dominant presence with a 500 workforce and it is 100% subsidiary Firm of M.P, R.J, H.R, M.H , C.G .

Jai K Bio Agritake has a strong presence in over 3 states with a strong focus on rural and semi-urban sectors. The ambitious plans of Jai K Bio Agritake are able to impress various Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, and Technocrats, in the country who are keen to join hands with this agro major. Today Jai K Bio Agritake with its experience in its back, marching ahead to make its presence in entire country with its innovation, motivation, commitment and values in empowering the farmers globally.

Jai K Bio Agritake has emerged as India's leading Firm in the marketing segments of its Products, promoting economic growth of farming community and the nation. Jai K Bio Agritake . has grown rapidly since its inception and today its business operations have spread too many states, with about 3 branches across the country.

For the man kind to survive on Planet Earth there must be a Green Revolution. All the citizens of the Earth must begin to renew and restore our green pastures and green forests, if not we will be impoverished.

God has blessed us with enormous natural property, if we place stewardship before greed. Our planet may die, unless we rise together to glorify flora and fauna by revolting against the plunder of our Earth, Extend your helping hand in Jai K Bio Agritake . mission. The peaceful revolution to restore the nature given greenness of our natural world must begin today. We will prevail, and all generations to come will rejoice with endeour efforts in the field of agriculture.