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Dear All

I have great Pleasure in wishing you all a very bright and Happy New Year 2017.

Our Firm Jai K Bio Agritake (AN ISO 9001-2008 certified) Regular show Excellent results last year in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra. Our Firm Provide Valuable Agri Inputs through Organic Manures Granuels, Bio-Fertilizers, Feed Supplements Growth Promoters, Zyme, Micronutrients and Neem Cake, We are Happy to create a Healthy Environment By without Chemical products. At presents in Indian Agriculture use the Chemical Fertilizers it’s very harmful for soil and testy food. So, our firm wants to make a healthy and good fertility of soil by providing the results oriented products.

Our Indian farmers depend on Agriculture and Animals so my Moto is providing the best agro or animals health care products.

As further steps of cementing our relationship with the customers, we have also launched a dedicated toll free no: 18002706500 where our customers can call and give their suggestions or speak to our agents who will offer solutions to their agronomic problems and requirements, for this purpose we are constitution a team of service department subjects matter special lists from the field of agronomy, entomology and pathology to give proper guidance to our customers.

Visions :

To be an Indian Farmers that empowers & Enriches farming communities by providing the best agro solutions.

Mission :

To Achieves 22 cores turnover in 2016 to 2017 Financial Year

I am confident that each one of you will continue to exhibit the involvements, commitments, loyalty to Jai K Bio Agritake and take the company to the next level of competence. I wish all of you and our progressive customers the best of health and prosperity in the New Year

Values :

  • Customers delight.
  • Ethical Business practices
  • Commitments & Honesty
  • Respect & Relationship
  • Carrying & Positive Attitude.
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  • Mr. J. K. PAHAT (C.M.D)