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Gc/Gls Role And Responsibility

Do the report in evenings to 2-3 bosses per day compulsory.

Maintaining full manpower 1+5 compulsorily.

Perfect camp setting.

Conduct effective field meeting (morning & evening) on time.

Perfect route panning and allocation to SRs.

Demo practice in room every day.

Perfect training on product knowledge and demonstration.

Crops, crop stages knowledge in the camp area.

Give good training to new SRs.

GLs should concentrate on personal sales.

Depositing Collection day wise in Company Bank – Accounts/ DDs Preparation

Perfect Documentation Planning.

Collecting more advances.

Control sales transfers & combined sales.

Maintaining the successful manpower in the group.

Create competition among the group members.

Controlling group member’s expenses.

Controlling of outstanding stocks and ODs.

Maintenance of dress code.

Taking care of order forms and other company properties.

Obtaining sufficient required stationary from office before going to camp place.


Maintaining 1+5 manpower in each group.

TM/ABM must go to the camp along with group members after the Branch Meeting.

TM/ABM should take separate rooms in the camps (Don’t stay along with SRs.

Developing New SRs and Low-Performers by Training and field supports.

Visit Bulk customers at least one time.

Concentration on SRs Reports on daily basis (DARs, Door Knocks and Order Forms)

Conduct field meetings and motivate SRs on daily basis.

Create Competition sprit within the group and between the groups.

Having communication with juniors and with seniors.

Taking action on low performs.

Field training to new SRs at least 3 days.

Travel between the camps in the evening or night time only.

Personal counseling with the SRs.

Controlling the all unethical practice.

Controlling of negative thinking’s among the SRs.

Dress code maintenance.

Controlling of bad habits.

Taking care of collection amount.

Sales bouncing ration control.

SRs earnings clearance during branch meeting.

Proper routs planning for product delivery.


Mr. J. K. PAHAT (C.M.D)